Edify Schools places a strong emphasis on comprehensive assessments that encompass both learning and teaching practices. Aligned with the 3C curriculum, facilitators employ a diverse range of assessment strategies, tools, and techniques to gain a nuanced understanding of each learner’s development. Assessments occur before, during, and at the culmination of units of study, as well as periodically throughout the academic year.

The 3C curriculum’s innovative design ensures that facilitators initiate each unit of study by recognizing and acknowledging the existing knowledge that each student brings to the classroom. The assessment process involves meticulous recording, documenting, and reporting of data, with a keen focus on individual student needs. This data serves as a foundation for tailoring learning experiences to meet the specific requirements of each student.

Specialists in the field of individual needs play a crucial role in tracking student progress and collaboratively sharing insights with subject teachers and parents. This collaborative approach ensures a holistic understanding of each student’s development and facilitates targeted support.

Evidence of student learning is documented through portfolios, projects, tasks, and assignments. Progress reports are shared with parents at regular intervals through unique programs within the 3C curriculum, including coffee mornings, parent-teacher conferences, meetings, open-house days, student-led conferences, and exhibitions. This transparent and collaborative approach keeps parents informed about their child’s academic journey and fosters a sense of shared responsibility in the education process.

Edify Schools holds the belief that assessments are not separate from the learning process; rather, they are integral and enjoyable components of it. By embracing assessments as an ongoing and integrated aspect of education, the school ensures that each student’s progress is monitored, celebrated, and addressed to foster continuous growth and development.