Gender Sensitivity Programme

Unravelling Pride & Prejudice

EDIFY’s Gender Sensitivity Program aims to instill values of equality among students, recognizing the pivotal role of women alongside men in addressing environmental and developmental challenges. The importance of a gender perspective extends beyond projects targeting women; it must be integrated into all environmental and development initiatives. This program, designed for students from Grade VI to Grade X, encourages thoughtful reflection on societal issues and endeavours to mold individuals who contribute positively while respecting all genders.

At EDIFY, we urge students to scrutinize systematic discrimination, oppression, and prejudice embedded in social norms and practices, which not only perpetuate inequality but also breed injustice. The program employs a variety of activities, games, and logical exercises to make the learning experience interesting and engaging for our students. By sensitizing students to social and gender-based differences, the program empowers them to foster awareness and take meaningful action for themselves and those around them.