We understand that effective learning extends beyond the confines of the classroom. At EDIFY, our commitment to holistic education is evident in our endeavour to expand learning horizons, connecting students with the outside world through a myriad of enriching experiences. Our diverse range of clubs serves as a focal point for this approach, offering unique avenues for student engagement and personal growth.

Club Portfolio Options:

1. Literary Club:
Nurturing a love for language, this club encourages literary interests and activities on campus. Students delve into both reading and writing perspectives, fostering creative self-expression, and building confidence through wordplay and collaborative endeavors.

2. Visual Arts Club:
Students unleash their imagination through experiences that develop knowledge of materials and processes. From paint to paper, sculpture, and pottery, the club encourages a different perception of colors, shapes, textures, and designs.

3. Performing Arts Club:
Embracing dance, drama, and theatre, this club cultivates a love for active expression. Narrative dance forms, plays, and performances are interpreted uniquely, and the club is open to various performative modes, providing a platform for students to excel in their chosen forms.

4. Music Club:
Fostering musical inclinations, this club accommodates diverse tastes, offering voice coaching, musical notation sessions, and opportunities to learn instruments and compose original scores.

5. ECO Sustainability Club:
Encouraging students to adopt sustainable practices, this club takes tangible action through awareness campaigns, movements, and drives, sensitizing the local community about the importance of environmental conservation.

6. EDIFY Community & Human Society:
Nurturing an altruistic streak, this club encourages students to understand and act on their responsibility towards the community. Through drives and outreach programs, students empower and assist those less privileged, honing a wide array of skills.

7. Design and Technology:
Promoting learning of design concepts through modern technology tools, this club introduces students to principles of design and technology. Collaborative experimentation with models and test pages enhances their understanding.

8. Cuisine Club:
Fostering a love for cooking and culinary innovation, this club encourages students to experiment with flameless cooking, developing a nuanced understanding of flavor, texture, and technique in cooking.

9. Interact Club:
The youth wing of the Rotary Club, the Interact Club develops leadership skills and a sense of social responsibility. Students reach out to the underprivileged, making a tangible difference in their lives.

10. MUN Club:
Simulating the proceedings of the UNO, this club provides hands-on experiences in global discussions and deliberation. Mock MUNs prepare students to tackle Model United Nations events at the school level.

At EDIFY, our clubs are dynamic platforms that contribute to a well-rounded education, nurturing diverse talents and instilling a sense of responsibility and leadership in our students.