Community Outreach

Community Service

EDIFY approaches community service with unwavering integrity and fervor. Both students and faculty not only establish meaningful connections with the community but also perpetuate a spirit of compassion and kindness in their surroundings. Community service has been a cornerstone of our school since its inception, representing a foundational principle that we hold dear.

Guided by entities such as the EDIFY Community & Outreach Club, the Interact Club, and the Community-Activity-Service Program, as well as driven by students within the framework of their inquiry cycles, community service initiatives are deeply ingrained in our educational ethos. These activities are seamlessly integrated into our learning experiences, fostering a sense of responsibility and civic duty among our students.

The outreach programs empower our students to take the lead in social service endeavours, whether it be organizing awareness campaigns, visiting old age homes, orphanages, deaf & mute centers, or participating in eco-sustainability drives. From an early stage, our students understand the significance of giving back to society and extending support to the less privileged and marginalized. Community Outreach activities serve as a platform for developing leadership, resilience, empathy, and a service-oriented mindset. Our school actively collaborates with NGOs, charities, social workers, and causes to provide our students with expansive opportunities to make a tangible and positive impact.