Principal Speaks

Edify World School Anantapur is a premier educational institution, nestled amidst beautiful and serene surroundings offering an environment that fosters learning and stimulates creativity.

After its inception, the school is marching progressively towards providing quality education and the school today provides a platform for excellence in teaching and learning. The school aspires to create a dynamic and vibrant cosmopolitan and technology-driven academic environment, which shall attract students from different walks of life for transforming themselves to become a good human resource with relevant skills, innovative mind, and a positive attitude.

At Edify our unique in house 3C curriculum and a myriad of activities, a multitude of Inter House Activities and Competitions, and a range of Innovative Programs ensure our children are happy while learning innovatively.

I believe happiness is a contagious energy and is closely linked to academic success as well. A child’s feeling of happiness has ramifications extending far beyond the walls of the house, as social and academic successes are very closely intervened with their emotional state of being. When students are happy, they are better able to solve problems. They are more open to critical thoughts and reasoning, their focus is more in tune, and their ability to retain and recall information is heightened. A happy child is more likely to be motivated at school, to collaborate and build friendships with classmates, and to troubleshoot and solve both social and academic dilemmas.

In the fast-paced and technology-driven world we live in, often emotions are not openly shared or discussed. However, at Edify World School Anantapur we work in close collaboration with parents to keep our children happy and help them achieve their dreams both in school and in life.

Warm Regards

Kameswari Chintala