School Management

A desired result requires a well-planned strategy and perfect execution. The senior executives at Edify, heading the entire workforce of more than 200 people ensure error-free operations and immaculate execution of strategies. With unparalleled commitment and dedication, they oversee the entire operation of MDN Edify Education Pvt. Ltd. and DRS International School. They own and share the vision of the organization and inject energy, positivity and enthusiasm into their team members while directing and enabling them to perform by leveraging their highest potential.

It is my pleasure to introduce Edify World School, Anantapur. This institution symbolizes the realization of an ambition to revolutionize educational methodologies, aiming to elevate the quality and enjoyment of both teaching and learning experiences. Our primary mission is to lead as pioneers in inspiring and preparing the leaders of the next generation. We are guided by the principle of empowering our students to innovate, engage, and attain excellence. Committed to providing exceptional educational resources, we strive to create pathways for the progress of students from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds.
Our curriculum, while emphasizing the development of foundational skills, places a strong focus on fostering comprehension, exploration, and innovation. Aligned with the guiding principles of the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, Edify World School, Anantapur, is dedicated to equipping students with the skills required to thrive on the international stage. Furthermore, in alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), our school embodies the vision and mission encapsulated in the Edify! philosophy.

Ms. Kameswari Chintala
Chairman & Managing Director

Edify World School, Anantapur is a unique educational community.Our guiding principle is “Education for all,” the cornerstone of all our endeavours and the vision is to provide the best education for every child. The educational approach extends beyond imparting knowledge, aligned with technological and global advancements. We aim to instil wisdom, humanitarian spirit, uphold the moral values ,and guide the towards becoming sensitive and responsible citizens of the next generation. Teamwork defines Edify World School, Anantapur, and I am confident that through collaborative efforts, we can achieve more for the benefit of our students—the future leaders of tomorrow.

Mr. Praveen Piridi

I firmly hold the view that education serves as the most potent transformative force humanity possesses, demanding continual improvement and refinement.
In taking the helm of leadership at “EDIFY WORLD SCHOOL – A CBSE & CAMBRIDGE School in Anantapur,” my overarching objective is to redefine the traditional concept of formal education and cultivate a global understanding. Education should be finely attuned to contemporary global challenges, providing substantial benefits to society at large.

I am resolute in my belief that “Success belongs to those who follow their heart,” irrespective of the challenges that may arise in our immediate surroundings, hindering the realization of our objectives. Throughout this journey, EDIFY WORLD SCHOOL, Anantapur, is devoted to affording students significant real-world exposure and opportunities, fostering their holistic development within a nurturing environment.

Mr. Naveen Piridi