Life Skills Programme

A Way of Life!

EDIFY’s Life Skills Program operates throughout the year, offering a distinctive focus on cultivating effective problem-solving and relationship-building skills essential for success in a competitive world. This program is designed to consciously equip our students with the versatility needed to navigate life’s challenges and triumphs with equal ease. The core emphasis of the Life Skills Program at Edify revolves around three key areas: Thinking Skills, Social Skills, and Emotional Skills. Sessions include topics such as self-awareness, anger management, problem-solving, creative relationship building, effective communication, stress management, critical thinking, decision-making, and time management.

Utilizing a diverse range of methods, from interactive discussions to film screenings and engaging games, the program adopts an experiential approach. By incorporating real-world dilemmas into the classroom, we provide our students with an additional advantage to confront adversity and embrace good fortune with grace. Learning to navigate life has never been more enjoyable!