Spoken Foreign Language

The exploration of foreign languages remains a fundamental component of the international curriculum at EDIFY, reflecting the essential nature of linguistic diversity in our 21st-century global community. Proficiency in a foreign language is not only crucial for students pursuing advanced degrees but also serves as an invaluable asset for those aspiring to international employment or careers involving global partnerships. Learning a new language brings forth numerous benefits, including enhanced communication skills, a deeper understanding of diverse cultures, and a competitive edge in business, academic research, and social interactions.

The Department of Foreign Languages at EDIFY offers a thoughtfully designed series of sessions focused on French. These courses are meticulously crafted to facilitate swift language acquisition and effective communication, while also providing insights into the cultures from which these languages originate. To ensure an optimal learning experience, class sizes are deliberately kept minimal, creating ample opportunities for all students to actively engage in learning activities. The Department of Foreign Languages at EDIFY is committed to fostering linguistic proficiency and cultural understanding among its students.