Student Exchange Program

To provide students with broad cross-cultural exposure and a global perspective, EDIFY has established an extensive International and Domestic Students Exchange Network. The Exchange Program has gained significant popularity among students, with almost 25% of the batch having the opportunity to spend time at a Partner Institute. Ongoing efforts are directed towards expanding the program further, aiming to enable an even larger number of students to partake in this unique experience. For students unable to participate in the exchange program, there are still valuable benefits through interactions with the substantial number of overseas students spending time at EDIFY.

This short-term exchange program, also known as a summer or cultural exchange program, concentrates on homestays, language skills, community service, and cultural activities in a foreign setting. Both secondary school and primary students are eligible to apply for this program. The short-term exchange, ranging from one week to a month, does not necessitate the student to study in any particular partner school or institution. Participants in this program undergo an immersive experience that significantly enhances their understanding of diverse cultures, communities, and languages.