MSP (6-8)

Middle School Program (Grade VI -Grade VIII)

The Middle School Program offered at Edify schools is run for age groups of students between 11-14 years of age. The program focus is to channelize the energy of students into creative activities and to challenge them to think, reason and act in acceptable ways. Bodily changes are seen during these years and the students are counselled in understanding these changes in a positive and constructive ways. The NCERT course of studies are followed and the inquiry based methods continue to enable the learners to take initiative in their own learning and to continue to gain in confidence while acquiring thinking and reasoning skills. Life skills are part of the program and students are guided into making right choices given diverse circumstances. Case study method finds prominence during these years as students relate easily to real life situations. In class VIII, concepts which are necessary for grade IX course are dealt with more in detail to prepare the student for the Board classes.