Student Wellness Programme

Hale & Hearty!

EDIFY’s commitment to the educational mission is exemplified through the Student Wellness Program, creating a vibrant environment where everyone is not only welcome but feels a genuine sense of belonging. Student Wellness & Health Promotion dedicates itself to providing services that support students’ behavioural and emotional well-being, assisting them in exploring avenues for maintaining healthy lifestyles through prevention, intervention, and education.

The overarching goal of Student Wellness & Health Promotion is to foster a healthy and safe community that encourages students to excel as leaders, role models, advocates, and responsible citizens. This program actively involves all members of the school community in health promotion and prevention strategies, empowering students to develop skills and competencies that underpin healthy choices and academic success as foundational elements for lifelong development.

Through creative engagement, the program enables students to delve into matters of health, hygiene, safety, and nutrition. It serves not only as an informative guide but also encourages deep reflection and thoughtful consideration at every juncture of making lifestyle choices.

Furthermore, the program scrutinizes both individual habits and community practices, instilling in our students the confidence to instigate positive changes that not only benefit themselves but also ripple outward, positively impacting those around them. The Student Wellness Program at EDIFY is a cornerstone in nurturing holistic development and well-being among our students.