Arts Education Programme

Visual & Performing Arts Design

The Arts at EDIFY encompass a spectrum of disciplines, including visual arts, sculpture, dance, drama, and music – each holding significance in its own right. Our mission is to empower students, equipping them to enhance their social and professional lives by fostering a profound understanding of the value of the arts in contemporary society. In collaboration with Trinity College, London, we provide an expansive platform for students passionate about music, aiming to amplify their artistic pursuits.

Dance and drama occupy a central position within the school, forming the heartbeat of our artistic endeavours. Under the umbrella of this program, all forms of art, ranging from performing arts to sculpture and pottery, are embraced and nurtured with compassion. The school actively promotes regular training in all artistic domains through workshops, concerts, and choir singing activities. These initiatives not only offer a diverse range of opportunities for students but also provide a platform for them to showcase their talents and celebrate their journey of learning and artistic expression.